Tuesday, June 6, 2017


Deep in the crypt of an old Norfolk church something very ancient and very nasty is stirring. A young Anglican priest finds herself being drawn inexorably into a world of dark, eldritch secrets hidden from the world by organised religion, testing both her own faith and, indeed, the faith of millions of believers. Yes, with Serena Cairns' first novel, FATHER OF LIES, we are, once again, in the field of religious conspiracy. It is a field well ploughed in recent years thanks to Dan Brown. But whereas Brown simply recycled the exposed hoax of HOLY BLOOD, HOLY GRAIL, Cairns goes for something more original and creepier. Brown's DA VINCI CODE had conspiracy but FATHER OF LIES has conspiracy, supernatural horror and sex. Serena Cairns is a good writer whose stories have been anthologised. She lives in the West Country and is currently working on a sequel to FATHER OF LIES.

Serena Cairns

It is at this time I must declare an interest in FATHER OF LIES. Serena Cairns has been a friend for more years that either of us care to remember. I have watched her novel grow from an idea into what it is today. I gave some background information in the early stages of writing and was privileged to read an early draft of the book.

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